I must admit I'm pretty impressed with myself. I was super organised this week and thought ahead of time as to what piece to review. Yay me. This week we will take a detailed look at the ever cosy Jude Vest. Now Jude is quite an interesting character. He has a bit of a sneaky trick up his sleeve. But we will get to that one later. Jude comes to the Closet from the wonderful U.K designer MINOTI. Which straight away to me means he is bound to be nice and warm. As the U.K knows how to dress for the cold weather. This adorable little Vest is made of a Grey and Black fabric outer while having a luxurious woollen feel lined interior. Being sure to keep your little one rugged up for winter. As with any Vest you can layer up and put a long sleeve top underneath. Jude is also quite padded and gives a puffa Jacket style feel. With a zip-up front, making it a breeze to put on and take off. Your toddler may even be able to dress themselves with this one. The Vest has 2 pockets on the front, making a great place for keeping hands warm, or for storing things like tissues (as winter is the time for them). Now comes my favourite part. Jude has a REMOVABLE hood. A hood is such a great asset in the cooler months. They keep out the wind and help if you get caught in the light rain. But the great thing is that you can just take it off whenever you feel you don't need it. Or for those times when your toddler doesn't feel like they want to wear a hood. You know the times I mean. Jude comes in sizes 12m, 18m, 2yrs and 3yrs for $44.80 or on Afterpay for only $11.20 per fortnight. This Vest is very versatile and would look great on boys or girls. Jude would make a fantastic addition to any Little Doll's Closet. 

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