Aubrey Organic

Whoops, this is a few days late. I did have a think earlier though and decided this week we will look at the adorable Aubrey range from NIOVI Organics. Before we get into the specific products I wanted to talk about the brand itself. NIOVI Organics is really quite remarkable in their manufacturing process. Firstly this amazing brand is based in Melbourne, So to me, that's pretty much local. I love the idea of supporting local where I can. NIOVI make wonderful clothing for precious little cherubs. With their range including Rompers, Onesies, Leggings, Dresses and Blankets. Made from Organic cotton these garments are also created in fair trade factories, that source their cotton from fair trade farming practices. The dyes used to create the stunning colours and patterns on these clothes also is non-carcinogenic. Giving you peace of mind. These pieces are also tag-free, meaning no itching or annoyance for your baby. All items are double stitched for added strength and durability. So now that you know how truly awesome this company is, let's look at the Aubrey range of little girls clothes. In this collection, you will find a zip-up Romper, a long sleeve dress and a pair of soft leggings. All 3 pieces are white cotton with a beautiful gold leaf pattern. The gold leaves are metallic and make these clothes really stand out in a crowd. First off the long-sleeved Romper with a 2-way zip-up front. Makes for easy changing time. The Romper comes in sizes 0-12 months for $38.90. The pretty little long sleeved dress has a wrap around style design. This dress has a frilly edge to the skirt. With a do-up, snap bottom under the skirt, you won't need to worry about nappy pants. Aubrey dress is for baby girls aged 0-12 months for $44.90. For the colder months, a great combination would be to put the Aubrey Leggings under the dress for a complete matching outfit. However, the Leggings look great paired with other tops too. The Leggings even have an optional roll on foot design, allowing you to not worry about socks and having them fall off. They also come in sizes for 0-12 months for $26.90. All of these gorgeous items are made from breathable organic cotton. A great little collection from an even greater local company. Check out Aubrey and the rest of our NIOVI Organics products inside the closet. 


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